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A few days ago, I started walking my dogs. I was mad at myself for gaining back a pound that I had previously lost, and the dogs really needed to be walking more. So I devised a plan where I would walk three dogs one day and three dogs the next. We have seven dogs and our seventh is a blind, diabetic, Hungarian Puli who becomes disoriented when he is out of his domain. So I don’t take him. The dogs are another story, though. Suffice it to say that my husband and I are incurable softies for abandoned animals. Five years ago we started out with one dog, and the rest is history.

During my walks, I say the Rosary — a different mystery each day. Today I did the Sorrowful Mysteries, and yesterday I did the Joyful. I’m a bit iffy on the Glorious and Mysteries of Light because I’m a new Catholic and memorization is not my strong suit. I imagine that those will come in time.

By maintaining a God consciousness throughout my walks, my mind becomes more attuned to things spiritual. I see God in nature and pray for the other dog walkers I pass. I pray for my husband and his work. I pray that our youngest son and daughter-in-law (newlyweds) experience a good adjustment to married life. I ask God to help our oldest son develop good career goals when he gets out of the Army, and for our oldest daughter to find a good job. I ask the saints to pray for our youngest daughter, a single mother in nursing college, and I pray for our grandchildren. I pray for my relatives, for the church, for our priests, and for my friends. I talk to God about whatever is on my mind.

By the time I return home, I am swathed in peace and tranquility. I’m learning that, no matter what we do, putting God in the equation brings us special blessings. And oh, yes – I lost that pound.

Who would have thought that dog walking could be so inspirational?