Yesterday I received news that one of my class mates, a man named Leonard, had lost his life. Most tragic were the circumstances surrounding his death.

Leonard and I were in the same college program to become substance abuse counselors. Leonard was recovering drug addict who had taken big steps to change his life. However, during the last few months Leonard’s attitude had changed and his life seemed to be unraveling. He made some bad decisions that culminated in his being shot and killed by the police after a high speed chase.

He was only 36 years old.

Leonard was a Catholic and seemed to be struggling spiritually. The last time I saw Leonard he was wearing a scapular on his shoulders, and I sensed that he was trying to right himself with God. No one, but God, knows the condition of Leonard’s heart when he died.

I pray that God will grant Leonard the peace in eternity that he was unable to access in life.

Rest in peace, Leonard. We will not forget you.