Who is the hidden Christ? What does it mean?

Jesus said that when we do it unto the “least of them” we do it unto Him.

Meditate on this. Who are the “least of them” to you?

Here is who they are to me:

The single mom, the hungry, the discouraged, the addict, the inmate, the poor, the oppressed, the broken, the rejected, the outcast, the deformed, the bitter, the one with the emotional burden, the incest survivor, the deaf, the blind, the one who is overcome with anger, the young woman who has lost her children to the system because of drinking or drug abuse, the mentally ill, the bereaved, the lonely, the hospice patient and his/her family, the aged resident of a convalescent hospital whose family won’t or can’t come and see him, the homeless person, the AIDS sufferer, the soldier in Iraq or Afghanistan, the ridiculed child, the alcoholic, the terminally-ill patient, the divorced, the shut in, the mentally retarded.

There are countless people in need of Christ’s love. They are living among us.

They are the hidden Christ.


“Amen, I say to you, whatever you did for one of these least brothers of mine, you did for me.”

[Matthew 25:40]