Time for Big Faith:

The Obama Admistration has re-arranged priorities in the Middle East.

The date and location of our son’s next Naval deployment was changed. Instead of October, 2010, it was pushed up to April, 2010. The location was supposed to be Somalia, but now he is returning to Afghanistan. He just returned from Afghanistan 8 months ago and has been married to his beautiful bride for only 6 months.

Thank goodness that he is not a Marine or in the Infantry. He is a Seabee — a builder — and his batallion will return to work on building new military bases. Our son’s unit will be digging wells. Still, it makes me extremely uneasy having our baby in the middle of a war zone, out in the middle of nowhere, digging wells.

But this is out of my control. My God is big and He will guard over our precious son. Your prayers are coveted.

Here we go again. . . Time for big faith. . .