Guardian angels are ministering spirits sent by God. This is written in sacred scripture and has been manifested throughout Church history. Without getting into an exhaustive doctrinal exposition on the reality of guardian angels, I want to tell you how my guardian angel helped me.

This is what I call “Supernatural — Natural,” meaning that it is something supernatural that happened in the everyday life of an ordinary Catholic woman. 

I had not felt “quite right” all day and was progressively coming to the dreaded realization that I was coming down with some kind of nefarious bug. Sitting in the drive-through line at McDonald’s with two of my granddaughters in the back seat, I leaned my head out the window and placed our order. Then I faded off into a fever-filled daydream of sorts. 

Suddenly, something compelled me to LOOK UP! When I did, I realized that, during my daydream, I had accidentally taken my foot off the brake, that my car had veered to the right a little, and that it was millimeters away from running into a block wall! So I slammed on the brake and avoided a collision. Thank you Guardian Angel once again!!! 

How had I known to suddenly look up? What had made me do this at the very last second? 

My Guardian Angel, of course. . .