Blessed Luke Belludi began his religious path when he was 20. At that time, he was received into the Franciscan Order in Padua, Italy. It was the year 1220 A.D.

Luke became Saint Anthony’s companion in his ministry travels. He also took care of Anthony during his final days on earth. After Anthony died, Luke was appointed guardian over the Friars Minor in the city of Padua.

In 1239, however, Padua was occupied by its enemies, and many officials and commoners were put to death. Luke was banished from the city. He secretly returned, though, to pray at the tomb of Saint Anthony for the city’s deliverance from their captors.

One night a voice came from Saint Anthony’s tomb telling Luke that the city would soon be delivered from its evil tyrant. Soon this came to pass, and Luke was elected Padua’s provincial minister. Luke, like Anthony, was blessed with the gift of miracles.