Amazing Levitating Saints!

Everyone knows that levitation is when a person defies the laws of gravity and rises into the air, seemingly, on his or her own power. Not everyone believes that this phenomenon is real!  The earliest record of a levitating saint was that of St. Dunstan, whose life . . . Read More




Blessed Daniel Brottier

Blessed Daniel Brottier was born in France in 1876. He began a teaching career in 1899. Because of Daniel’s love of the gospel, he joined the missionary Congregation of the Holy Spirit as a priest. He was sent to West Africa for eight years. Then, due to poor health, he had to return to France, where helped to . . . Read More




Blessed John of Vercelli

Not much is known about Blessed John of Vercelli’s life. In the 1240s, John entered the Dominican Order, where he served in numerous leadership positions. He was elected the sixth master general of the Order of Dominicans and . . . Read More




Blessed Luke Belludi

Blessed Luke Belludi began his religious path when he was 20. At that time, he was received into the Franciscan Order in Padua, Italy. It was the year 1220 A.D.  Luke became Saint Anthony’s companion in his ministry travels.  . . . Read More




Patron Saint of Writers

Sometimes I don’t have the things I need because I forget to pray.  Recently, my writing had been in kind of a slump. So I looked up the Patron Saint of writers, St. Frances de Sales, and asked him to pray for me. Shortly thereafter, I received acceptances from two publishers. And then one of my pieces was picked . . . Read More




Saint Agnes of Assisi

Agnes was the sister of Saint Clare (of the Poor Clare Nuns). She was also Saint Clare’s first follower.

Agnes was born in 1197 in Assisi, Italy. When Clare left home, Agnes followed her against her parents’ wishes. They found Agnes and tried to bring her home, but Agnes  . . . Read More





Saint Albert the Great

Albert was the oldest son of a wealthy German noble with great power and rank. He was born in 1206. Albert entered the Dominicans as a novice even though his family strongly objected to his taking this path in life. Albert had unending intellectual curiosity and interest and spent 20 . . . Read More




Saint Andrew

Saint Andrew was the brother of Saint Peter and was personally called by Jesus to join Jesus’ ministry on earth. Andrew was also a disciple of John the Baptist. Although there is precious little about Saint Andrew in the historical accountings of that day, we know that when Jesus called Andrew and Peter to be his . . . Read More




Saint Anthony

I became a Catholic in 2009. Coming from an Evangelical Protestant background, the saints are a totally new concept for me.  Today I lost my car keys. I looked all over the house twice but still couldn’t find them. So I asked God to show me where they were, and I also asked St. Anthony to . . . Read More




Saint Cecilia

While there are many fables about Saint Cecilia, here is what is recognized as the truth:  Cecilia was born, lived and died in the third century. She loved to sing.  . . . Read More




Saint Francis of Assisi

Born: 1181 in Assisi — Italy — Died: 1226
Canonized: 1228 — Feast Day: October 4
Patron Saint of: animals, ecologists, merchants

Francis was born of a wealthy family. At the age of 20, he left his family and forfeited his . . . Read More



Saint Gabriel

Saint Gabriel was baptized Francis. Francis lost his mother when he was a small child. During the time that he was cured twice of serious illnesses, he came to believe that he was called to be a priest. Francis received his education from the Jesuit Order. He applied to that order, but he was turned down – likely . . . Read More




Saint Gertrude

Saint Gertrude was born in 1256 A.D. Very little is known about her early life. She attended the monastery school at Saint Mary’s at Helfta, a Benedictine institution. Gertrude joined the monastic community in 1266 and ultimately became a nun. She began experiencing visions at the age of 25. At this point her life, . . . Read More




Saint Katherine Drexel

Katharine Drexel was born in 1858 to a wealthy Philadelphia family. Her father was an international banker. Katharine’s mother would . . . Read More



Saint Margaret of Scotland

Saint Margaret of Scotland was not a Scotland native. She was born in or around 1050 in Hungary to the royal family and was the daughter of a princess. During the time of William the Conqueror, Margaret’s family . . . Read More





Saint Mother Teresa

How often do Christians feel that God has abandoned them or may be nothing more than a fantasy? If these believers are honest with themselves, they have to admit that the temptation for unbelief or . . . Read More




Saint Peter and Saint Paul

Two churches in Rome, Italy are named after two major contributors to the building of Christianity — Saint Peter and Saint Paul. Saint Peter’s Basilica was built upon the site of what is believed to be Saint Peter’s burial place. Saint Constantine built the church and later in 1506 Pope Julius II ordered . . . Read More





Saint Polycarp

Saint Polycarp shepherded his Christian flock as Bishop in what was called Smyrna (present-day Izmir, Turkey). He trusted God even in the darkest of days. Polycarp lived among pagans and under a government that was opposed to Christianity. . . . Read More




Saint Rose Duchesne

Rose Philippine Duchesne was born into a rich French family in Grenoble, France in 1769. Both of her parents taught her diplomacy, persistence and a love of the poor. Her life’s goal was to teach Indian children in the American west. She became a nun when she was 19. When war broke out, Rose helped priests . . . Read More



St. Samthann[1]

Saint Samantha

Saint Samantha is a Celtic saint born in 739 A.D.  She had an important influence on the Celtic Christian Community.  Her more formal name is St. Samthann of Clonbroney.  Samantha was the foster child of a man named Cridan who was an Irish king.  He had arranged a marriage to an Irish nobleman, but Samantha was against . . . Read More





Saint Tarcisius

This poem was written on the catacombs in Rome by Pope St. Damascus (366-383) commemorating the martyrdom of St. Tarcisius:

“When a wicked group of fanatics flung themselves on Tarcisius who was carrying the . . . Read More




Saint Therese of Lisieux

Today is the feast day of St. Therese of Lisieux, a Carmelite Nun from age 15 until she died of tuberculosis at the age of 24. Though she did not do anything visibly remarkable in her short ministry on earth, she had a huge capacity for love and a spiritual maturity well beyond her years. St. Therese taught us that nothing is small in the eyes of God and to do everything with love. This unobtrusive principle was . . . Read More






Saint Valentine

Saint Valentine is a Third-Century Roman saint whose feast day is February 14th. Little is known about him except that since the late Middle Ages he has been associated with courtly love. A saint with the same name was martyred and buried on February 14th in Rome. It is also . . . Read More




Servant of God John of Monte Corvino

In the Catholic Church, being declared a “Servant of God” is the first step to sainthood. Servant-of-God John of Monte Corvino was born in the year 1247 and was military man, a judge and a physician before he became a friar. He preached in Persia (Iran), India and to the court of Kublai Khan, where he began his work in China. . . . Read More