The Church of Scientology practices a belief system known by the same name. It was initially founded in 1953 by science fiction writer, L. Ron Hubbard. It’s world headquarters are located in Southern California.

Scientology, in its purest form, states that it is a way of finding spiritual happiness while alive on Planet Earth. It offers its members the path to spiritual freedom, better communication, better relationships, help with insecurities, self-doubt and other contributors to a better self-awareness.

If this were only true.

Sea Org

Highly dedicated Scientologists, like Tom Cruise, are brought in through a subdivision of Scientology called Sea Org (short for The Sea Organization). People who have left Scientology describe Sea Org as overreaching and intensely intrusive in the lives of its members.

The people who run Sea Org are caught up in a rigid, militaristic organizational structure that is deceptive, oppressive and punitive. Children of Sea Org members are also brought into Sea Org (and the Church of Scientology). Sea Org members are now not allowed to have children and are pressured to have abortions if they do become pregnant.

Sea Org members believe in reincarnation and must sign a 1-billion-year contract for when they die and come back as someone else.

Protecting Her Child

One reason that Katie Holmes is divorcing Tom Cruise is because she does not want their daughter, Suri, brought into Sea Org and indoctrinated in Scientology’s beliefs. I am sure that she figured out early on in her marriage to Tom Cruise that the management, leadership, and practices of The Church of Scientology are heavy-handed, even to the point of abuse. This includes their treatment of children. This is probably why Katie asked for sole custody of Suri.

Federal Intrusion

During the 1970s, the Church of Scientology was responsible for the largest intrusion into federal agencies — ever — in the United States that was not originated or affiliated by a foreign government. During this illegal operation, Scientologists used lock picks, miniature transmitters, forged credentials, secret codes and any other instrument that served their purpose. The purpose of this conspiracy was to purge damaging records about L. Ron Hubbard. The criminal offenders were prosecuted in federal court.

The Scandal of Scientology

Another example of illegal activity was the heavy hand of Scientology against Paulette Cooper for her book, The Scandal of Scientology. The perpetrators used blank paper that Cooper had previously handled to send bomb threats in her name. She was in the process of being prosecuted for these crimes (the fingerprints were hers) when it was finally learned that Scientology was behind the whole thing.

The Murder of Lisa McPherson

Scientology member, Lisa McPherson, after exhibiting mental instability for a second time, was taken to a hotel for a Scientology intervention called an Introspection Rundown. There they were to isolate her until she was “out of her psychosis and living up to the responsibility of living with others.”

Lisa was isolated, all right — for 17 days. She was found dead and appeared to have been denied water and food for a considerable period of time because she was extremely dehydrated and underweight. Her skin was covered with over a hundred cockroach bites. Now all Scientologists, before engaging in an Introspection Rundown, are forced to sign a waiver releasing Scientology of all responsibility for injury or death.

As an aside, I Googled “Lisa McPherson Scientology.” I wanted to put a picture of her next to the section about her. I was horrified to see — in living color — her autopsy pictures. What Scientology did to that poor girl is unconscionable.

Many More Crimes

There have been other deaths, kidnappings and serious criminal activities by Scientology and its members. Ex-Scientologists are afraid that if Tom Cruise is granted joint custody of Suri, she will be brainwashed by Scientology to hate her mother. Something similar to this happened to Tom Cruise’s wife, Nicole Kidman, and the children they adopted together.

Rupert Murdoch’s Take

Recently, Rupert Murdoch tweeted about Scientology being back in the news because of Katie Holmes filing for divorce. He tweeted: “Very weird cult, but big, big money involved with Tom Cruise either number two or three in hierarchy.” Later, he warned fellow tweeters that there is “something creepy, maybe even evil,” about Scientology.

I think that Rupert Murdoch is on to something.