The “Born Again” Movement did not originate with the Apostles. It is traced back directly to the 19th century, springing forth in reaction to Protestant liberalism. Leaders from several denominations wrote a 12-volume book called “The Fundamentals.” The Born-Again Protestants adapted their doctrines to those in the book. This man-made movement hit US shores in the late 1930s and began luring in mainline Protestants and Catholics. It reached its peak in the 1980s and became known as “nondenominational” and “full-gospel” Christianity. 

While there were good works coming out of the Born-Again Movement, the problem is that it is simply not true. This is why the Catholic or Universal Church held so many church councils over the ages. Heresy has been around since the Year 1. And the Born Again Movement is pure heresy. Central to this movement is the Bible Scripture (John 3:3) where Jesus tells the Jewish rabbi, Nicodemus, that in order to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, he must be born again. Since the first days of Christianity, this scripture has been translated to mean BAPTISM. Even Jesus was baptized. 

Then, suddenly, 1900 years later, the doctrine was changed. The born-again heresy distorted Christianity and painted a completely erroneous path of salvation. 

Salvation for Christians has always been through baptism, constant repentance, forgiveness and living life for Christ. Nothing more — nothing less. The next time you hear one of those slick, full-gospel, born-again preachers, take a look back in time. You will find that what he (or she) is preaching probably doesn’t line up with historical Christianity.